Veggie Detox Why it's my favorite

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Why it's my favorite

For starters; Garlic: Naturally antibiotic, antifungal, and antitumor, lowers elevated blood cholesterol and pressure, prevents blood clots, eliminates parasitic worms, and promotes healthy circulation. Contains allyl sulfides which researchers believe help to reduce ventricular plaque and inflammation, the cause of both heart attacks and stroke. Cucumber: A natural diuretic. Celery: Used to lower high blood pressure. Contains phytonutrient called phthalide which relaxes smooth muscle tissue that lines the artery walls. An excellent source of organic sodium. Can stimulate milk flow after childbirth. Helps with joint and urinary tract inflammation. Green, Red and Jalapeno Peppers: All have excellent medicinal properties, great for circulation.... absolutely the BEST DETOX JUICE!