How May I Serve You?

How May I Serve You?
Naturopathic & Holistic Wellness Services At a Glance

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  • One-On-One: 2-hour Private Naturopathic Consultation 
Having a private consultation is the first step towards a holistic approach to disease treatment and prevention. After a comprehensive review and discussion of 1)  the results of the Bio-Electronic test I will conduct that analyzes all 36 systems of your body, 2) addressing your life’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and 3) your nutritional choices, I will design the best approach for your mind-body-spirit wellness. This may include naturally treating diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, gout, etc all through nutritional detoxification and rejuvenation! You are an individual and your program will be individualized to meet your needs and goals!   Includes Dr. Dallas Organic Herbal Detox  starter tea and Temple Restoration booklet
*Group and/or Family rates are available.   ·  $250  USD
  • One-On-One: 1-hour Private Fitness Consultation 
Having a private fitness consultation is 1) a great compliment for the fitness enthusiast looking for a personalized training regime with the correct training techniques and complimentary nutrition tips to augment the regime, 2) a giant first step if you’re the ultimate procrastinator that has been putting off getting off the couch for years, and you can’t believe you let yourself get to this point. You need a gentle yet firm, enthusiastic and experienced trainer to get you going FAST, 3) the BEST solution if the doctor has advised you to lose weight or else – let me ease you into a program that will change your life forever, in a natural step by step process.
*Group and/or Family rates are available.  ·  $150  USD
  • One-On-One: 90 Minute Fast/ Detox Workshop 
This workshop covers all of the most important aspects of short efficient fast / detox programs. You will learn the hands on ABCs of 3 – 4 basic programs to comfortably and proficiently implement into your lifestyle.  Includes one fast/ detox package from the workshop for you to start immediately.          *Group and/or Family rates are available.    ·  $250  USD· 
One-On-One: 3-hour Intensive Raw Food Basics Workshop 
Learn how to develop your own basic scrumptious raw food dishes that will optimize your personal well being! You will discover the value of color, aroma and texture to turn basics into sensational – in taste and healing optimization.  You’ll master dishes that include the basic food selections that should be consumed daily and/or regularly for optimal health and well being. Includes Starter Food Package!
*Group and/or Family rates are available.  ·  $500  USD