How May I Serve You?

  • One-On-One: 2.5 Hour A Health Food Shopping Experience Pt1

 So you’re at MOMs, Whole Foods or Safeway, now what – don’t have a clue? Well FOOD MATTERS! When we eat the right foods we don’t need medicine. In fact your food ought to be your medicine! I’ll meet you in the produce section to start and walk you through the entire store  and teach you the do’s and don’ts of label reading, and what should be in your basket  for optimal health and well being.

*Need a Healthy Kitchen makeover after your shopping experience? See Pt2 below.   ·  $150  USD


  • One-On-One: 1.5 Hour Healthy Kitchen Makeover Pt2

Now that you’ve got all the right stuff to prepare the right food selections for optimal health and well being, do you have the right kitchen tools and equipment, the best storage lay out and techniques to be a healthy chef/ food preparer? It’s quite simple when you learn a few tricks of the trade, I’ll make it easy for you! 

*Need a Healthy Kitchen makeover after your shopping experience? See Pt2 below. ·  $150  USD


  • One-On-One: 8-Hour A Healthy Day Learning Experience

 As we strive for optimal health and well being – what will that journey look like? Disciplined, regimented yet as natural as brushing your teeth. You got I’ll construct a day in your life and walk you through it in order for you to have a climatic view of what the carving of your steps will begin to look like as you begin to implement all the aspects learned thus far.

*This one-on-one or family experience.  ·  $1000  USD


  • Free 15-minute Phone Consultation 

15-minute FREE Are you clueless about what to do, or how to get started, or maybe you just have a quick question or two? 

Schedule your free call!.  FREE USD

  • One (1) Hour Phone Consultation 

On the West Coast or local busy schedule? Get an exhaustive Q & A and direction with a highly beneficial phone consult! ·  $100  USD


  • Two (2) Hour Phone Consultation 

After you’ve gotten the basics  The 1 hour above), I’ll take time and map out a plan to address your specific needs. ·  $200  USD


  • One (1) Hour In-Person Motivation Session 

Need a pep talk, guidance and motivation?  When I’m done you’ll be heading to the gym and health food store!  ·  $250  USD