LBD (Life by Dallas) Raw to GO!


What are Living and Raw Foods?

   People often ask “what do you eat.” When I tell people my diet consist of 85% raw and living foods the first questions I get are what are living foods and why are they better than processed foods? The best short answer is living foods are “food that is still growing”, and raw foods are very similar to living foods except they are no longer living. Nutritionally speaking, living foods are the richest sources of enzymes, oxygen, chlorophyll, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and fiber, and contain the proper ratio of alkaline to acid minerals. Raw foods are a close second, with cooked and store brought foods being a very distant third. Bottom line they’re the best natural medicine to heal the body with absolutely no side effects!

LBD TO GO RAW HEALERS; The 3 Favorites

1) Raw Kale Greens 2) Raw Veggie Detox Drink and 3) Raw Pineapple Honey Ginger Live Enzyme Juice

(please do not heat the RAW greens–  place in the sun for a few minutes if desired warm)

   Kale: Superior in calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium content – strengthens the teeth, the skeletal structure and red blood cells. Its sulphur content assists in reduction of ulcers and other gastro-intestinal disorders. Inhibits the growth of tumors, prevents cancer of the colon and rectum, detoxifies the system of of harmful chemical additivesand increases the body’s cancer fighting compounds. High in mineral sulphur and phytonutrient sulforaphan which helps fight cancer cells , including the cell growth of breast cancer. Onions: A multitude of phyto-chemicals that help protect the human cells from viral, bacterial and fungal problems, also helpful with lyme disease. Garlic: Naturally antibiotic, antifungal, and antitumor, lowers elevated blood cholesterol and pressure, prevents blood clots, eliminates parasitic worms, and promotes healthy circulation. Contains allyl sulfides which researchers believe help to reduce ventricular plaque and inflammation, the cause of both heart attacks and stroke. Cucumber: A natural diuretic. Celery: Used to lower high blood pressure. Contains phytonutrient called phthalide which relaxes smooth muscle tissue that lines the artery walls. An excellent source of organic sodium. Can stimulate milk flow after childbirth. Helps with joint and urinary tract inflammation. Green, Red and Jalapeno Peppers: All have excellent medicinal properties, great for circulation. Ginger: Most effective anti-nausea medicine I know of. Promotes blood circulation by thinning the blood, a powerful antioxidant – great for eternal youth, great for fighting off the common cold. Pineapple: Scientific research has shown that bromelain found in pineapple can thin human blood and prevent blood clots from forming while in circulation, it’s also a natural enzyme. Lemon: The great detoxifier! Also very high in vitamin C. Helps strengthen and heal the gallbladder and liver when taken with olive oil.  Honey and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: These two ingredients have too many nutritional qualities to list. If all else fails mix the two with water and watch the miracle of healing take place!