What is LBD Raw to Go?

What is LBD TO GO?
LBD – Life by Dallas, Inc is a mission driven ministry created by Dr. Dallas. A personal crusade to educate and encourage individuals to become offensive in the war against the Big 3™, Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes especially in minority communities where there is a major disparity in health care alternatives.
The first step is to get rid of old inaccurate thoughts and unhealthy lifestyles by preparing the mind to receive accurate information and change to a healthy lifestyle. A great start is to detoxify the body and begin to nourish the body with pure, wholesome, raw and live foods. A great help is, to ALWAYS have your whole pure foods – ready to go. Enter LBD to GO!


LBD TO GO will take the worry and work out of your transition. Clean out your refrigerator and get rid of all the meat, diary, processed foods, etc., and make room for your transition grub for the next 7 or 21 days for your detox/ fast. Or simply order raw juices and raw greens (or special side selections by request) if you’re not quite ready for a fast but wish to begin to integrate raw juices and foods to assist in detoxification (elimination and cleansing). All these natural pure whole foods are available for pick up or delivered to your door step (home or office in DC Metro Area). Try it out for next week and become offensive in the war against the Big 3™.

  LBD TO GO   Specializing in RAW GREENS And  VEGGIE DETOX Our ultimate healing foods!