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For 22 years I conducted Dallas Boot Camp in Anacostia Park before it became swag to train in the park before sun up! Monday - Friday 5 -6 AM year round, during inclement weather we met under the skate pavilion - looking back I know I was light years ahead of my time. after a two year pause, I realize it was and still is the best way to keep the body agile and well! 

Until we get rebooted - we will have a trial run starting May 8th. We will meet on Tue, Wed and Thur from 5:15 - 6:00. We will work cover resistance and cardio training, lots of health and nutrition information along the walks, lots and fun sweaty activities - you will be walking and running miles before you know it - cranking out push-ups and wearing your bikini with pride!

Have no fear or worry - they call me the gentle giant - I know how to take you where you are and have you improve without quitting! All selected exercises have a modified beginner's, intermediate and advanced version so no one feels over or under challenged and yet we all feel like a group! It's great fun and comradery - the best commitment you could ever make for your fitness goals.

Cost $125 month - less than $8 a class