12500 15000

The Dr. Dallas Parasite Protocol is best used in conjunction with a consultation with Dr. Dallas, either in person, online via Zoom or a phone consult. However, because the protocol is completely natural and holistic, accompanying simplified instructions, it can be administered after you consult with your physician.

It's a simplified protocol to go in and provide detoxification and rejuvenation of the canal. You may email Dr. Dallas via with any questions after purchase. 


4 Enema bags

Dr. Dallas Organic Green Herbal Tea & Hyssop Tea Blend 

Dr. Dallas Parasite Cleanse EO Blend

Dr. Dallas Pro-Chronic Detox EO Blend

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Mix

Worm Wood Herbal Blend

Dr. Dallas Parasite Cleanse Protocol
12500 15000

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