The best way to achieve your goals is to make sure you have a great support system – so bring your gal and guy friends, spouse, parents, children, colleagues – all those responsible for helping, when you fall off the wagon! Besides we all want to live long healthy lives alongside those we cherish the most. In this information packed session, you get the basics but more important you get take a-ways, knowledge based and tangible goodies– to equip and empower you on your transition journey.  

The event Package includes:
Two 30 minute lecture sessions with 1 break
Two raw food prep sessions with 1 break
One exercise session
Lite raw food meal
Dr. Dallas Organic Herbal Tea Blend (30 day supply)
Dr. Dallas Temple Restoration Booklet
Dr. Dallas Top Transition Facts and To Do List for Success
Dr. Dallas Transition Nutrient Pack

*Senior or Church Group and/or Family rates are available.  $200 PER PERSON

The Girls or Guys (Group) Thang: The Raw Version Tupperware Party Event

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