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The Herbal Therapeutic Masterpiece; “God’s Formula”

 Our bodies have become toxic dumping grounds! Years of abuse has caused major stress, blockage, fermentation and acid conditions resulting in a litany of sickness and disease. Our organs, glands and tissues are in a stronghold and struggling to survive at best. This cumulative effect has devastated our cellular functionality. And no operation, pill or diet will restore our bodies to normal functionality. Fasting and juicing are the most effective and efficient means to rejuvenate our cellular structure and restore vitality to our bodies.

However, when that isn't quite enough or quick enough - this masterpiece is the go to all and all - I give to clients in chronic situations with enormous confidence in its ability to restore and rejuvenate!

Ingredients - top healing herbs available to man - along with cloves and sea moss on a glycerin base!

Directions: 1 -2 TBs daily with a meal. May be taken with orange juice or other fruit juice.

3 - 4 Week : Large Supply!


The Herbal Therapeutic Masterpiece; “God’s Promise”
8000 17500

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