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Dr. Dallas to her rescue for sure. I didn't think I could engineer anything better than Dr. Dallas Organic Green Herbal Blend, but when I became incapacitated for a day - it was back to my old chemistry days to create the perfect natural herbal blend for SEVERE Muscle Pain (arthritis, sciatica, muscle sprains - you name it). I knew it would be great but it was short of a miracle! I went from not being able to stand to an urge to go running in less than a 24 hour turn around. Check out my informative testimony!     on AskDrDallas   YouTube Channel

The herbs are specific to aiding in circulation, inflammation, muscle fatigue, stiffness, uric acid build-up, and muscle spasms, Definitely, one to keep on hand - great stuff!


Dr. Dallas Thou Art FEEL Good - Say Good Bye to Ole Arthur Tea
4000 5000

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