25000 47500

Join us for a wonderful intimate time of learning, engagement, and fellowship! Fibroids affect 8 of 10 Afro-American women, who eventually are forced into partial or full hysterectomies, after suffering for often years. Become educated on the High-Risk Factors, Nutrition that prevent and shrink fibroid growth, and of course, whether it's fibroids, Covid-19, cancer, or any of the other diseases and illnesses plaguing our community, get tested Bio-electronically so I can assist you with the health issues preventing you from being whole! Cost $250 per person  

We'll start promptly at 4 PM

  • Bio-Testing
  • Lecture
  • Light Raw Food Fare
  • Individual test results and personalized regime to follow emailed
Uterine Fibroids: High Risk Factors; Nutrition for Prevention & Healing
25000 47500

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